Storm Restoration: We Are Ready to Mobilize Immediately!

Natural Disasters such as snow, ice, wind, and natural disasters can be debilitating to an electrical grid. When disaster strikes, GRIDTECH will mobilize our assets located throughout the Midwest Region of affected region of the United States. We are ready to rapidly mobilize our fleet of equipment and personnel across the Continental United States. Our crews have storm restoration capabilities having years of knowledge in working with electrical systems. This allows us to perform safe, effective, and reliable services.
GRIDTECH will restore your power grid with our storm restoration process. Storm repair requires expertise in many different functions. Some functions are emergency oriented such as downed power lines, while other facets of storm damage such as repair and reconstruction requires an endurance approach.

Permanent Fault

This is a massive loss of power that is typically caused by damage to a power line and the power is automatically restored once the fault is cleared.


A drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, this usually occurs when a lighting strike causes the voltage to sag or dip.


The most severe type of outage, a Blackout is a total loss of power to an area and depending on the nature of the blackout and network configuration affected, the outage can last from a few minutes to several weeks.

Our understanding of how critical time is during any Power Emergency gives us the ability to meet and exceed our client’s needs. This quick reaction time gives GRIDTECH the ability to bring solutions safely and quick response to situations to eliminate disorder as quickly as possible.

Capacity: We have an extensive fleet, staffed with well-rounded employees, giving us the ability to respond immediately to your storm needs.

Mobilization: Our crews will be mobilize at a moment’s notice to get the power back on as safely and quickly as possible.

Steps to Restore Power Safely After a Storm

Our past experience has taught us that the following progression works best for Storm Restoration.

  • Safety first
  • Damage assessment and clearing
  • Repair main transmission and substations
  • Repair neighborhood circuits
  • Repair service lines and restore power to individual customers
  • Full circuit restoration – back to normal
Gridtech Worker
Gridtech Worker
Gridtech Worker


At GRIDTECH the safety and well-being of our employees is valued above all other management objectives. Before we begin any project we look at safety first. This focus on safety promulgates through all that we do. This focus helps GRIDTECH to keep our most valuable asset safe; that asset is our employees.
Because this is a major focus of our firm, and as a commitment to our employees, we have utilized all necessary resources to prevent accidents, injuries, while we seek to identify and eliminate potential hazards. This is done through our commitment to create and implement company-wide safe work practices. In accomplishing this goal we provide every employee with the knowledge, training, tools, and equipment and working conditions to complete their duties in an efficient and safe manner.


Our President, Shawn Mineer, and all other member of Senior Management, as well as our companies dedicated Safety Coordinators work together as a team to develop and implement Safety Programs that comply with all State and Federal regulatory standards. We do this while we still maintain the ability to exceed our client’s deadlines as well as project expectations. Through hard work, and commitment at GRIDTECH we believe we have created a Safety Program which is at the forefront of the industry.

Zero Accidents and Incidents Goal

GRIDTECH’s management and all of its employees have set a goal of Zero accidents and incidents. It is our belief that this goal defines the dedication and commitment to Safety by everyone at GRIDTECH.

GRIDTECH strives to continuously improve in all areas of safety. Listed below are the key program elements of our Safety Program:

• Safety Plans: Site Specific
• Daily Briefing: Pre-Job Safety Briefing
• Orientation: New-Hire Employee Safety Training
• Toxicology: Substance Abuse Testing
• Specialized: Task Specific Safety Training
• Equipment: Training and Refresher Courses
• Audits: Division Specific and Site Safety

• Incidents: Conduct Management and Safety Reviews on al Incidents
• Root Cause: Post Incident Investigation and Analysis
• Continuous Improvement: Lessons Learned
• Bulletins: Safety Bulletins and Incident Alerts
• Compliance: Progressive Employee Discipline
• Analytics: Incident Trend and Data Analysis