Directional Drilling or Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD

*Underground Electric *Fiber-Optic & Cable *Water Lines

Gridtech has expertise in Horizontal Directional Drilling. This steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes and conduit is becoming more popular because it creates minimal disturbance on the surface. This creates minimal disruption of roads, sidewalks, and landscaping.

Horizontal Directional Drilling utilized in under road operations has the benefit of also not requiring to obstruct or redirect traffic.

Underground Electric Fiber-Optic & Cable Water Lines

Directional Drilling has the following advantage over other conduit and pipe laying techniques:

1. Deeper installation of the pipe or conduit is possible.
2. Controlling the drill head allows the operator to “curve” the bored whole removing otherwise required 90 degree elbows.
3. Less traffic disruption than other methods of running conduit or pipe.
4. Longer installation distances are possible.
5. Lower costs due to less ground disruption and lower cleanup costs.
6. No access pits are required.
7. Generally horizontal drilling can be completed with between 30-50% time savings of other conduit and pipe laying methods.

Pipe Laying Techniques

Directional Drilling Cost

The general cost for directional drilling ranges from the size of the whole and other specifics to the job. Normal costs range from $23-35 per foot.
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