Automatic Horse Waterer Project

About This Project

Gridtech preformed the installation of an automatic horse watering system in Verona Kentucky using our directional drill. The requirements for this job were the installation of nine Bar-Bar A automatic waterers and one outside freeze proof facet. The owner chose our directional drilling technology over conventional trenching to not have her paddocks scared by water trench lines which would take three years or more to disappear from the landscape if at all. For this project we ran over 2,200 feet of one inch 250 psi plastic potable water pipe. This distance requiring seven days of drill time. Connecting the waterers to the waterline required approximately four hours on the project. Then there was additional time to backfill the waterers.

Horse Water Project Photo
Traditional Trench Lines After 3 Years
Horse Water Project Photo

Why Install Horse Waterers?

  1. Safer for Horses - Water troughs grow more than algae, they can be a vector for other disease from dead insects, bird droppings, or other sources of bacteria.
  2. Major Labor Savings - In this farm the nine horse waterers and the install of the additional freeze free facet replaced approximately six hours of staff time per week filling water troughs.
  3. Happy Horses - Once the waters are installed, we found that the horses prefer the clean fresh and cool water coming out of the ground.
  4. Winter Freeze – Once the weather gets below freezing the six hours per week of watering moves to twenty hours per week. Water heaters can be used; however, it requires constant checks to make sure the horses have water and many of the paddocks in this example would require hundreds of feet of extension cord. Having freeze free waterers is a game changer for anyone living on a farm where the temperatures get below freezing for two months or more.
  5. Peace of mind – You no longer must worry that your horses have water, because they always have water!
Horse Water Project Photo