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Shawn Mineer was employed by the City of Hamilton as a lineman for over 20 years. Shawn was a Lineman and District Supervisor at Duke Energy, performing line construction as well as service work. He founded GRIDTECH in 2020 and began his work predominately as a power line contractor. GRIDTECH quickly built the reputation of being the most knowledgeable, most reliable and safest contractor in the Southern Ohio/ Northern Kentucky area. GRIDTECH is evolving into a diversified electrical contractor, with the ability to perform all types of electrical work helping to build, maintain and repair your power grid.

Service Areas


GRIDTECH is a high voltage electric utility contractor. Our principles have over 20 years of power distribution delivery experience. We provide overhead and underground primary installation, trouble shooting, and repair. We specialize in high voltage electrical construction, substation maintenance, and switchgear replacements. We have well equipped and trustworthy staff who have undergone four years of electrical lineperson apprenticeship. We value the safety and well-being of our employees above all other management objectives.
Our clients include power companies, municipalities, and electric cooperatives. We service these entities needs through our staff of dedicated employees. We build and service at the highest level of efficiency to make your on-time electrical project a reality.