GRIDTECH Powerline Services

GRIDTECH’s Powerline Services is center stage of the company’s operations. GRIDTECH has great employees that are combined with special electrical equipment to help it get the job done efficiently and safely. GRIDTECH owns and operates a multitude of specialized electrical equipment. Some of the equipment that we utilize includes insulated bucket trucks, truck cranes, wire pullers, tensioners, loaders, and service trucks, etc.

Think GRIDTECH for your Powerline Building, Repair and Maintenance needs including:

• Overhead distribution system construction and maintenance
• Project management services
• Emergency storm response
• Conductor replacement
• Composite and wood pole installation
• Pole mounted distribution switch automation
• Pole line inspections
• Overhead transmission system construction and maintenance
• Overhead distribution design/build services

• Smart Grid qualified for installation and repair
• Line retirements
• Single phase-Three phase conversions
• Voltage conversions
• Pole change outs
• Live-line maintenance
• Storm restoration
• Underground installations

Below is a list of the services that GRIDTECH provides.


We handle the maintenance and service of this bulk movement of electric power.


Overhead transmission lines are typically three-phase HVAC transmission (high-voltage alternating current). Over very long distances HVDC (high-voltage direct-current) is used for greater efficiency over very long distances, typically hundreds of miles.


Underground transmission lines are generally not affected by weather. Safety clearance is generally less of a factor than in an overhead distribution environment. Additionally long underground cables have significantly greater capacitance giving these lines the ability to store a greater electric charge.


Substations are a sophisticated control system which balance the generation with the rate of energy consumption. In a centralized power generation environment the local control of generation is necessary. Therefore it is critical that synchronization is achieved between the generation units in order to prevent overload conditions.

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is non-vertical drilling. Directional drilling provides access into the area where vertical access is difficult or otherwise not possible. This includes gaining access underneath a difficult-to-drill formation.

Storm Repair

Storm repair demands mobility, capacity, and immediate response. These volatile conditions require a pre-planned strategy for success. GRIDTECH has a systematic approach utilizing standard safety procedures and this preparedness shows in the service levels we are able to provide.

Commercial | Industrial | Residential

Our team of wiremen can handle any apparatus thrown at them. We have the experience in powering warehouses or residential structures. We are licensed and insured with commendable safety credentials.

Full Range of Distribution Capabilities: (4kV to 35kV)

GRIDTECH offers a full range (4kV to 35kV) of distribution capabilities for substations, underground, and overhead distribution systems. GRIDTECH can handle this full range of transmission for either new construction and maintenance services.
We have constructed and maintained numerous underground and overhead distribution lines throughout our experience working for utility companies. GRIDTECH crews perform major conversions on a regular basis and are all highly skilled craftsmen equipped with the latest technology.

Our Line Construction and Maintenance Capabilities Are the Following:

• Pole erection (wood, steel, and concrete);
• Overhead construction;
• Wire (stringing, sagging, clipping, and dead ending);

• Arrester replacement;
• Rebuilding a distribution feeder;
• Underground construction;